I was born in 1975 in Budapest, Hungary. At ten years of age I was already taking photographs. Over the last twenty years I studied landscape architecture; worked at Hungarian Television as a cameraman as well as written and directed contemporary dance pieces. I also created a magazine and have written more than a hundred articles. I don’t just style and photograph food, but I have created many of my own recipes. I call myself a MULTIARTIST. Photographing, writing a poem, or a contemporary dance piece, playing music, or painting a minimalist art piece, editing a book, or illustrating my own story-book, these are the roads I’m driving on, sometimes simultaneously.


Malaysian Airlines Magazine, Selector Magazine Australia, HOYA, Marie Claire, Elle Dekor, Penthouse, Adidas, Brico Store, DHL, Sanoma, Orco Hotels, Prodax, UPC, PlyDesign, Galco,